Where to do Hanbok Shoot?

by - February 26, 2018

Hello! If you haven already know, I got married back in November 2017 and I am back from my honeymoon. My hubby and I always wanted to visit Seoul, Korea and so we decided that it is our honeymoon destination. 

Since we didn't have traditional costume shoot, so I planned a Hanbok photoshoot for this trip. Honestly, I really look forward to this shoot a lot and it's probably my highlight of this trip :D

We had out shoot at Geobukgong Palace. If you wear hanbok, admission is free. Be very prepared especially during the winter month because it's frostbite kinda cold. Wear multiple layers but no thick clothing if not you won't look good in Hanbok. Wear black comfy shoes, best is boots kind so that it will match with the traditional vibes. I wore an Adidas shoe with strips and in some photos, they look really off. LOL

I booked our Hanbok rental session over at Oneday Hanbok via KLOOK, it's really easy and fuss-free. As for the photographer, you can either email Oneday Hanbok and request for one (of course you need to pay) or you can hire one through SweetEscape (haven try yet, would love to engage one in the future).

Rental of Hanbok include hair accessories and a mini handbag to put your personal belonging because you have to "park" your other big items in the shop.

Choosing photographer is not allowed for both Oneday and Sweet escape but reassures they are really professional, just google their work if you are unsure or ask for photo sample.

I also engaged a Korean makeup artist because why not? Lao niang want to make sure everything is on point! LOL! Didn't regret the choice, if you have the budget go for it.

OMG! I am so in love with all these photos! 

After the photoshoot, you will get the photos about 2 - 4 weeks later. Try to avoid the Lunar new year period because the photos might take more than 4 weeks, like ours. But, it was all worth the wait!! Because most of the photos the photographer send over were all useable like there are NO FLAWS! (I am quite anal on this.)

Will get it printed and hang them up in my new place. 😍

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